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Anna Calissano

Currently Reading: "Sulla Collina" Cesare Pavese

Postoctoral Research at INRIA, ERC Geometry and Statistics


Post Doc at INRIA Sophia Antipolis in the ERC Geometry and Statistics

Mathematica Engineer, PhD. Student in Statistics - Public Transport System Expert My research interest currently focus on the developing of statistical tolls for the analysis of graphs (or networks). I developed different statistical tools for the analysis of population of labelled and unlabelled networks. All these models appear to be very useful in the analysis of public transport systems, and brain connectivity network. Some of the project I am part of are listed below:

Geometry and Statistics

I am currently part of the ERC Project Geometry and Statistics, aiming at developing Statistical Tools for the analysis of non Euclidean Data - from Manifold to Quotient Spaces:


Paratransit Mobility

I took part of Safari Njema Project. We studied the Chapas lines in Maputo, Mozambique. I visited Maputo multiple times to work together with the local authorities to find sustainable solutions for the integration of the chapas system in Maputo.

Safari Njema


I am currenty in charge of the development of modules for the analysis of data in metric spaces and stratified spaces in geomstats.


CV and Publications

Click here to see my cv and list of publications:



Born in Genoa in 1991. Classical High School. Moved around in Europe for the past 10 years. In 2020, I finished my PhD in Statistics and Urban Studies from Politecnico di Milano. I am currently based between London and Antibes. Main interest are Geometry and Statistics, improving Public Transport System in different context (from Scandinavia to Mozambique). Swimming in the ocean at winter. I am a watercolor painter and a passionate vegetarian cook.

Travel Pictures

Here you can find a folder with some of my photographic work about my trips.

Watercolor Project

I am currently working on a watercolor exibithion about psycological diseases. Further details coming up...

The Pad Project Italia

I am the country advisor of the Pad Project Italia.


Anna Calissano

email: anna-dot-calissano-at-inria-dot-fr